Zluka (Unity) Day

There is neither Western, nor Eastern Ukraine, but only one united Ukraine!

The holiday of Ukrainian Unity is celebrated annually on the day of Reunification Act declaration of the Ukrainian National Republic and West Ukrainian National Republic, held in 1919Officially, Ukraine Unity Day (Den’ Sobornosti) is celebrated since 1999.

Taking advantage of the revolutions that occurred in Russia and Austria-Hungary in1917 - 1918's, Ukrainian people have created two national states of the UPR and ZUPR, who later proclaimed Reunification Act.

January 22, 1918 at the Teachers' House signed the Fourth Universal, which the Ukrainian People Republic was proclaimed a sovereign and independent state. And in 1919 in the same day at St. Sophia Square in Kyiv was declared Reunification Act of Ukrainian lands. 

January 22, 1990 hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian took up arms, forming a "human chain" from Kyiv to Lviv, in memory of the Proclamation Act of the Unity Day